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Do you want to have a fun time dining at an authentic Cantonese restaurant that’s close to the San Francisco, CA locale? Did you know that you can stop by a great restaurant that’s nearby? You will not be disappointed with our food and service at Sam Wo Restaurant.

Sam Wo Restaurant is a favorite Chinatown restaurant that has been serving good ole Chinese American food for over a decade. 

The original Sam Wo Restaurant was built shortly after the 1906 earthquake at 813 Washington Street by three immigrant siblings from the village of Taishan, China. It became popular for its inexpensive barbecue pork, famous rice noodle rolls and porridge called jook, which was served until 3:00AM. This became a favorite destination for late night meals after a night out. For many people, eating at the original Sam Wo Restaurant grew into a family tradition. For others, the restaurant came to symbolize an important time in their lives.

Now in a new location at 713-715 Clay Street, across the street from Portsmouth Square and a few blocks from the Financial District, where the former Anna Bakery space used to be, Sam Wo Restaurant is still serving the same affordable, authentic Chinese food that people have come to love, 100 years later! 

If you are looking for a Chinatown restaurant that serves up authentic Chinese food, we would love if you came by. Whether you order their famous rice noodle rolls or have you some jook, you sure won’t be disappointed with the food and service at Sam Wo Restaurant. Come see why Sam Wo Restaurant has been a favorite among locals for over 100 years.

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